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AEI Cables highlights control cable quality

AEI Cables, a leading industry supplier, is emphasising the importance of the highest quality of control cable for smoke control systems in modern building environments.

The Category 3 control cable – with BS 8519 approval – provides information to the system and feeds information back to the Smoke Control Panel, giving fire and rescue services the crucial information they need.

The panels direct the firefighters to the location of the seat of the fire, and enables them to make quick decisions about how best to organise a safe evacuation if necessary. The smoke control panel is activated from the fire panel and starts the smoke removal processes solely in the area of the fire.

As part of its newly-launched Total Fire Solutions range, and in keeping with the objective of offering high quality products for critical applications where and life and equipment evacuation is of utmost importance, AEI Cables has developed its unique Firetec Impact Category 3 control cable. The cable boasts 120 minute fire survival; the only cable of its kind with full third-party approval from LPCB.

Applications for Category 3 Firetec Impact Power control cable includes high traffic areas such as residential and commercial buildings, shopping malls, airports and hospitals ensuring that fire alarms, sprinkler systems, building monitoring and security systems can continue to operate in a fire.


Graham Turner, Technical Sales Manager for AEI Cables, said: “In today’s modern complex buildings particularly, the information display panels which are so important in a real-fire situation rely on continuous power supply. The quality of these cable systems should be of the highest quality to ensure they can continue to operate.”


Specifiers and installers have welcomed the quality and safety offered by the newly launched Total Fire Solutions range, which utilises the very latest in technology and science, with enhanced fire performance cabling, accessories, and technical support from one source that has over 150 years of expertise to its credit.

Successful installation of Firetec has taken place at the Francis Crick Institute research centre in London, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, the White City complex in London and Meadowhall shopping complex, Sheffield.

AEI Cables serves key markets in the UK and worldwide including construction, industrial, fire protection, defence, mining and rail.

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