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12 Things our homes need for net zero strategies to be achievable

BEAMA has launched its ‘Future Ready Homes’ paper setting out 12 practical actions that need to be at the centre of Government strategies for carbon neutral homes.

“Obviously the UK has to get significant infrastructure in place and insulate homes on a large scale,” said Colin Timmins, Director of Member Services at BEAMA, “but there are a number of technologies and approaches that are equally necessary but easily forgotten. The actions we are setting out will mean that homes and consumers are ready to take full advantage of the future net zero infrastructure, but these actions need to begin now.”

The paper looks at how we can make homes ready for low carbon heating, electrification and grid flexibility. The focus is on things that are practical to deliver, that utilise existing technology, and that in most instances provide immediate benefits to occupants.

Future Ready Homes has been produced through discussions with manufacturers and suppliers of enabling technologies for the decarbonization future, who recognize that the importance of such technologies is often neglected. BEAMA hopes that this paper can help policy makers and others to consider actions that may not be immediately obvious but that are nonetheless vitally important to meet the UK’s 2050 net zero target.

The paper can be downloaded here.

The 12 actions are:

· Best practice heating controls

· Heat emitters upgraded for low temperature operation

· Correctly designed heating systems

· A rethink of hot water provision

· Mandatory electrical safety inspections

· Three phase rather than single phase electrical supply

· Consumer units upgraded to a ‘Domestic Energy Centre’

· Accelerated heat pump installations in suitable homes

· More homes with broadband WiFi

· SMETS 2 meters plus in-home displays fully rolled out

· In-home or local energy storage capability

· EV charging as a natural part of the home system

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